For many years now the German real estate market has been an object of interest to many European and international investors.

There are a great many reasons why an investment in German real estate offers you rewards:


In today’s uncertain times, the German real estate market is a heavyweight anchor for solid and sustainable performance. Our Asset Management division can support you in your realisation of strategies for added value.


Not just in Germany’s major cities, but in B and C category towns as well you can find real estate investments at attractive prices, with a view to building up an enticing real estate portfolio or expanding an existing one. You can count on our knowledge of the market to identify the most suitable investment for you.


Investments in different asset categories are available in Germany across the board. The balanced development of the different sectors of the German market – in retail, services, industry and logistics – assures you of a broad selection of asset classes with a view to realising your individually customised investment strategy.

And in addition:

  • Financing is readily available from German banks on attractive terms
  • The mid-term prospects for conditions on the German market overall remain favourable
  • Tax legislation favours real estate investments.

We will be happy to help you realise the best possible investment strategy for you on the German market.

If you are interested in learning more… please feel free to contact us at any time!