Our company. Our values. Our convictions.

With our services, we aim at private and institutional investors and family offices with small to medium portfolios as wells as banks that commercialise non-performing commitments.

Our services cover all areas around the sustained value enhancement, property management and transaction of your property.

Our corporate philosophy rests on three essential pillars:


Quality constitutes the crucial core of the services we offer. In favour of quality, we refrain from the realisation of purely quantitative targets. In this way we make it possible to reach targets on which our competitors fall down.


We are convinced that sustainably value-creative real estate investments can only be achieved on the basis of teamwork. Here we see you, our customer, your service providers and ours, and of course our own employees, as all forming part of one big team – with a view to the achievement of the best possible results in every case.


And we always go that crucial step further than other companies in the industry are prepared to do.

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